Pole Vault Safety Certification Board

Our Mission: It is the primary purpose of Pole Vault Certification Safety Board to provide information and testing, for the education and certification of pole vaulters, and pole vault coaches, with special emphasis upon the teaching of the basic skills, progressions, and risk reduction in pole vaulting. In addition, it is the secondary goal of the Pole Vault Certification Safety Board to generate funding for the purpose of pole vault related research and development.

Why get certified? Pole vaulting is not a dangerous sport when done with the proper coaching and safety techniques. We feel that giving coaches and athletes the right information and testing them on that information that we have taken the biggest safety hazard out of the equation- lack of knowledge.

How much does it cost? We charge a small fee of $35.00 which will certify you for 2 years (4 years for the state(s) NM) from the day you pass the test. This includes access to all study materials, online test, access to up-to-date rule changes and safety related news. Part of your fee will also go towards grants for safety studies in never ending quest to keep our sport safe.

Easy as 1-2-3! It's easy to get the certification started.

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Once you have taken the test you will be able to print your certification card immediately.